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快讯 2.2已于今日正式推出 - 20070329


今天上海的气温很高,最高温度已经轻松越过28℃线,也就是在这样一个火热的春日,OpenOffice.org在2007年的第一个新版本 2.2正式发布。以下为OpenOffice.org官方站点的正式声明: 2.2 Is Here! 2.2 is an important new release and all should download it, as it resolves security issues and includes significant enhancements. These are both general and specific. A full list of the new features and fixes is given in our release notes, but among them:

  • Enhanced text display throughout

  • Better support for Pivot Tables in Calc

  • Several key improvements in Base

  • A more robust Mac version for X11

  • ... And many more

Not all of's more than 80 languages are available right now, but many are. Check with your favourite Native Language Project for updates.

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