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Two commands socks 5 proxy with ssh run Chrome in MacOS

I now learn React. There are install React Developer Tools extension notification when debug development version app. But I can't connect to Chrome webstore extensions as everyone knows Network block.

Fortunately I have VPS with ssh login permission. So based socks5 proxy with ssh and chrome in osx. I use below commands connect to Internet once and add the extension to Chrome.
ssh -D 22927 -f -C -q -N user@remote -p 2222
/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:22927"
Very simply, bless for similar you like me.


My account at

 I create my account opentiss at in agreement with Give Up GitHub!.

Before I have account on GitHub. But unfortunately I use my domain email as account of GitHub. So when my hosting service server ended his HK company, my domain becomes to unregistered. Then registered by ad sites owner. GitHub need confirm my account by email when I sign in. And I lost my account of GitHub in fact.

I have to find other hosting service. And now I use a2hosting outside of some dangerous countries as you known. I can only use a new domain and give up used over fifteen years old domain.

a2hosting is fit to me and is the best web hosting for me. You can register account and normal visit in some dangerous countries. That's important to me. As developer I need visit Internet from dangerous local network. I used Unmanaged VPS Hosting Runway 2 for triennially term. That is cheap for software developer. If you are interesting to a2hosting, I share my refer. You should have discount with the refer.


Areditors version 0.1.0 is published

Long time ago, I developed JDiary for record text content. But now is web age. All is online and based on Node.js. PWA runs on all platform. I need more quickly tools for writing. So I develop Areditors based on Node.js and PWA.

Areditors is powered by Dexie. Now data are saved on local. UI components use React/MUI. Global state is managed by Redux. Rich text editor use draftjs.

Today Areditors version 0.1.0 is published on and can installed with workbox.

In the futher Areditors will with features:

PWA update.

Synchronize data with Dexie Cloud or WebRTC p2p between online instances.

Image editor with kleki.

Online feed add-on.