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Pavel JanikNew logo: finally快讯:
New logo!The endless voting process inside the community is now finished! We finally have a new logo. No gulls, a sea motive is still present there though.
The complete style guide for the new logo is to be finished, but this is minor issue. We finally have it. Enjoy it!


有兴趣研究OpenOffice.org源代码的网友可以读一下这篇文章:Cpp Coding Standards,主要讲了OpenOffice.org编码所应当遵循的标准;还有相应的文章:Code Reviews,主要是想给出一些简单的示例,但现在这篇文章还没有完全完成,如果大家感兴趣,也可以共同予以丰富。 Forum at OOoForum.orgThe Forum看到了一个贴子2.2 install on suse,所以就依照这个贴子记录一下我在SLED 10系统中安装 2.2中文版的大致过程。
md5sum OOo_2.2.0rc4_20070321_LinuxIntel_install_zh-CN.tar.gz
tar -xzvf OOo_2.2.0rc4_20070321_LinuxIntel_install_zh-CN.tar.gz
rpm -ivh OOF680_m14_native_packed-1_zh-CN.9134/RPMS/*rpm
cd OOF680_m14_native_packed-1_zh-CN.9134/RPMS/desktop-integration/
rpm -ivh

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