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Gullfoss: Engineering at Sun
Gullfoss in the south of Iceland is the largest waterfall in Europe. Using this new group blog, we would like to provide you with a constant stream of information about our view into the development of The content will mainly be written by the project leads and engineers at Sun. We will provide both status updates and highlights of special accomplishments.

Going forward we hope the blog will serve as a way for both new and old developers to feel the heart beat of the Sun team. We will add tags and categories, depending mainly on how the content evolves. As all blogging is a two way experience, please give us feedback on what you would like to read about. Or even better, blog it!

The name Gullfoss is a small pun on our mascot and the Free/Open Source Software movement we are part of.


Docs and Spreadsheets更新
今天突然发现Google的Spreadsheets更名为Docs and Spreadsheets了,使原来的WritelyGoogle Spreadsheets实现了整合。在Gmail中的链接也随之发生了变化,如下图: