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Yet another utility for downloading files. It has segmented downloading engine in its core, and downloads one file from multiple URLs much faster than ordinary web browsers. aria2 currently supports HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent.




[make check]
make install


  • 将一个文件分成若干个区块进行下载:

  •  aria2c -s 5
    aria2c -s 5 --ftp-user=anonymous --ftp-passwd=anonymous

    其中,-s参数为分割当前下载文件为多少个区块,后面的5就是块数,注意一个文件最多可分割为5个区块;--ftp- user参数用于设置ftp下载的用户名,--ftp-passwd参数当然就是用于设置ftp下载的用户密码了。
  • 有时可能所需要下载的文件非常大,不能在很短的时间内下载完成,又不想让下载进程单独占用一个ssh连接(指从非本机登录的情况),我一开始采用的办法是让aria2作为一个后台进程进行下载。示例如下:

  •  aria2c -s 5 &

     aria2c -s 5 -D



     ps xf | grep aria2c



    # aria2c --help
    Usage: aria2c [options] URL ...
    aria2c [options] -T TORRENT_FILE FILE ...

    -d, --dir=DIR The directory to store downloaded file.
    -o, --out=FILE The file name for downloaded file.
    -l, --log=LOG The file path to store log. If '-' is specified,
    log is written to stdout.
    -D, --daemon Run as daemon.
    -s, --split=N Download a file using N connections. N must be
    between 1 and 5. This option affects all URLs.
    Thus, aria2 connects to each URL with
    N connections.
    --retry-wait=SEC Set amount of time in second between requests
    for errors. Specify a value between 0 and 60.
    Default: 5
    -t, --timeout=SEC Set timeout in second. Default: 60
    -m, --max-tries=N Set number of tries. 0 means unlimited.
    Default: 5
    --http-proxy=HOST:PORT Use HTTP proxy server. This affects to all
    --http-user=USER Set HTTP user. This affects to all URLs.
    --http-passwd=PASSWD Set HTTP password. This affects to all URLs.
    --http-proxy-user=USER Set HTTP proxy user. This affects to all URLs
    --http-proxy-passwd=PASSWD Set HTTP proxy password. This affects to all URLs.
    --http-proxy-method=METHOD Set the method to use in proxy request.
    METHOD is either 'get' or 'tunnel'.
    Default: tunnel
    --http-auth-scheme=SCHEME Set HTTP authentication scheme. Currently, basic
    is the only supported scheme.
    Default: basic
    --referer=REFERER Set Referer. This affects to all URLs.
    --ftp-user=USER Set FTP user. This affects to all URLs.
    Default: anonymous
    --ftp-passwd=PASSWD Set FTP password. This affects to all URLs.
    Default: ARIA2USER@
    --ftp-type=TYPE Set FTP transfer type. TYPE is either 'binary'
    or 'ascii'.
    Default: binary
    -p, --ftp-pasv Use passive mode in FTP.
    --ftp-via-http-proxy=METHOD Use HTTP proxy in FTP. METHOD is either 'get' or
    Default: tunnel
    --lowest-speed-limit=SPEED Close connection if download speed is lower than
    or equal to this value(bytes per sec).
    0 means aria2 does not care lowest speed limit.
    You can append K or M(1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K).
    This option does not affect BitTorrent download.
    Default: 0
    --max-download-limit=SPEED Set max download speed in bytes per sec.
    0 means unrestricted.
    You can append K or M(1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K).
    Default: 0
    -T, --torrent-file=TORRENT_FILE The file path to .torrent file.
    --follow-torrent=true|false Setting this option to false prevents aria2 to
    enter BitTorrent mode even if the filename of
    downloaded file ends with .torrent.
    Default: true
    -S, --show-files Print file listing of .torrent file and exit.
    --direct-file-mapping=true|false Directly read from and write to each file
    mentioned in .torrent file.
    Default: true
    --listen-port=PORT Set port number to listen to for peer connection.
    --max-upload-limit=SPEED Set max upload speed in bytes per sec.
    0 means unrestricted.
    You can append K or M(1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K).
    Default: 0
    --select-file=INDEX... Set file to download by specifing its index.
    You can know file index through --show-files
    option. Multiple indexes can be specified by using
    ',' like "3,6".
    You can also use '-' to specify rangelike "1-5".
    ',' and '-' can be used together.
    --seed-time=MINUTES Specify seeding time in minutes. See also
    --seed-ratio option.
    --seed-ratio=RATIO Specify share ratio. Seed completed torrents until
    share ratio reaches RATIO. 1.0 is encouraged.
    If --seed-time option is specified along with
    this option, seeding ends when at least one of
    the conditions is satisfied.
    -v, --version Print the version number and exit.
    -h, --help Print this message and exit.

    You can specify multiple URLs. All URLs must point to the same file
    or downloading fails.

    Specify files in multi-file torrent to download. Use conjunction with
    -T option. This arguments are ignored if you specify --select-file option.

    Download a file by 1 connection:
    aria2c http://AAA.BBB.CCC/
    Download a file by 2 connections:
    aria2c -s 2 http://AAA.BBB.CCC/
    Download a file by 2 connections, each connects to a different server:
    aria2c http://AAA.BBB.CCC/ http://DDD.EEE.FFF/GGG/
    You can mix up different protocols:
    aria2c http://AAA.BBB.CCC/ ftp://DDD.EEE.FFF/GGG/

    Download a torrent:
    aria2c -o test.torrent http://AAA.BBB.CCC/file.torrent
    Download a torrent using local .torrent file:
    aria2c -T test.torrent
    Download only selected files:
    aria2c -T test.torrent dir/ dir/
    Print file listing of .torrent file:
    aria2c -T test.torrent -S

    Report bugs to <tujikawa at users dot sourceforge dot net>



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