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2007-05-24 new Chart component is integrated to SRC680m213

历时三年多(planned 2004-02-11 10:09,integrated 2007-05-22 22:21), CWS chart2mst3于近日成功集成到SRC680m213中。这项对OpenOffice.org图表模块的全新实施包含了332个大小任务,更新源代码文件2003个。预计本周稍晚些时候将会正式发布相应的源代码与开发版的软件安装,按计划,原图表模块sch就此结束在源代码主干中的历史使命,也将在不久的将来结束在MWS中的存在。
在新图表模块的基础上,OpenOffice.org还将对图表功能进行持续改进,其中值得关注的就是对MS Excel三维图表的兼容性改进,现有的Issue 67754(right angle axes option for 3D charts)已经着手实施,其最终目标是要实现三维图表水平X轴与垂直Y轴,在显示平面上最终显示为呈直角的两个轴,提供这一可选项后, OpenOffice.org的三维图表将会更好地兼容MS Excel三维图表,又不失OpenOffice.org三维图表的原有特色,此任务将会在CWS chart06中实施。以下为OpenOffice.org三维图表与MS Excel三维图表的显示对比:
MS Excel三维图表
MS Excel三维图表
GullfossNew Chart Module is Integrated into the SRC680 m213 Master!

Finally, the New Chart made it into the master build!

There are a lot of improvements. For details see the What's New page.

If you like, download the developer snapshot build and give it a try! In case you discover any problems you can check this list of existing Issues. You are welcome to submit new issues you find.

Thanks a lot to all contributors. There was plenty of valuable feedback from testing the milestone builds, suggestions for improvement, articles for the online help and specification documents. Many thanks to Regina Henschel, Tony Galmiche, Pierre-André Galmes, Jörg Wartenberg and all the other people of the OOo community who supported the Sun Chart team.
感谢所有做出了相应贡献的爱好者。大量宝贵的反馈来源于11个里程碑版本的测试,还有改进建议、有帮助的在线文章与规格文档。非常感谢Regina Henschel, Tony Galmiche, Pierre-André Galmes, Jörg Wartenberg,还有支持Sun Chart开发组的众多OOo社区成员。

Example Charts made with m213Bjoern Milcke, May 25, 2007 12:22 PM
Example Charts created with SRC680_m213.

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