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Oracle to Buy Sun
今天从 Planet文章Oracle to buy Sun上获悉在IBM收购Sun未果后,Oracle与Sun达成了收购意向,文章说:
Well, I always believed that Sun would be able to survive without being bought by another company.

We have great products, hardware as well as software, and we only have done poorly in making money with the products, or with service contracts for our (open source) software products...

Now it seems I will never figure it out, since Oracle will by Sun.

We have just been informed about this some hours ago, and its in all news now.

Right now, I don't know enough about Oracle to make me a picture whether or not this is (for me) better than IBM buying us. IBM is interested in, so probably also in Sun's OOo team here in Hamburg.

What about Oracle?

不论如何,我觉得总比之前传言的DELL会收购Sun要好,毕竟Oracle跟IBM一样是技术类公司,而DELL则基本跟Lenovo差不多,属于贸工技工厂,没什么技术含量,期望Sun背靠Oracle能够多多making money,也期望MySQL、OpenOffice.org等开源软件能够因此受益,这就要看Oracle的智慧了,祝Sun每天照常升起。

前些日子安装了SLED 11后,一直没怎么安装eclipse的最新版本,这几天就找机会折腾了一下,参考一些网上的资料,如使用 Equinox p2 简化 Eclipse 插件的安装,终于把plog4u、WTP、PDT、CDT等安装妥当了,其中WTP、PDT采用了安装在Eclipse V3.4.2的 dropins 文件夹中的方式,plog4u则采用了传统的方式,安装在Eclipse的features与plugins目录了,CDT不能采用以前两种方式,除了在线升级安装,只能下载了CDT的zip文件后离线安装了,在SLED 11中安装时,不是每次都能成功,我就先安装三部分中的一部分,分三次安装成功的,先安装CDT Main Features,再安装CDT Optional Features,最后安装未分类的CDT插件。相关内容可参考我的Wikitiss条目Eclipse,Wikitiss条目均采用plog4u插件上传至网站。

最近提交至OpenOffice.org的patch issue有Issue 99867Issue 100179Issue 100307Issue 100825,一般像我这样的OOo爱好者提交的issue官方处理得比较缓慢,所以不要期望很快能够进入代码主干,但还是期望广大OOo爱好者能够多多使用、反馈,让开源软件能够更好地为开源爱好者们服务。

不知道为什么,现在已经不能正常从Novell网站下载SLED 11的升级包了,在线更新可用,但下载rpm包就报错:
Novell Downloads
Error: we are unable to complete the download at this time. Please try submitting your download request again or try again later.
You do not have the correct privileges to download the file.

我看了一下下载的SLES 11升级包,好像大小与SLED 11的一个字节也不差,为了保险起见,我还做了md5sum检验(跟/var/cache/zypp/packages/nu_novell_com:SLED11-Updates/rpm中有缓存的文件进行比较),结果也是一样的,看来只要用下载到的SLES 11升级包就差不多,等有空去单位的机器上做个测试,安装一下这些rpm包,如果没什么问题,也就没有必要相同的内容下载两份了。