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研究了一下Mambo系统,现在开始构建大致的框架,首先我选择使用xhtml 1.1来展示web内容,不过发现似乎使用这一标准的网站比较少,比较明显的一个例子就是w3c的官网都是xhtml 1.0,只有其xhtml 1.1标准文档采用的的确是xhtml 1.1。不过还是有个不小的收获,通过查看xhtml 1.1标准文档的源代码,发现了一个可以验证xhtml的工具Tidy。随即我便在SLED 11上安装了tidy,安装时,会自动将依赖库libtidy安装上。tidy的使用也很简单,例如,对用wget命令下载到本地的php网站输出index.html文件进行xhtml验证,只需在终端输入以下命令即可:
opentiss@tiss:~/Documents/tmp> tidy -asxhtml -utf8 < index.html > index.tidy.html
Info: Doctype given is "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"                             
Info: Document content looks like XHTML 1.1                                    
No warnings or errors were found.                                              

To learn more about HTML Tidy see
Please send bug reports to
HTML and CSS specifications are available from
Lobby your company to join W3C, see
如果输出信息为“No warnings or errors were found.”,就表示您的xhtml文档没有与标准相冲突的问题存在。如果需要了解如何使用这一工具,只需在终端输入以下命令查看帮助即可:
opentiss@tiss:~> tidy -help
tidy [option...] [file...] [option...] [file...]
Utility to clean up and pretty print HTML/XHTML/XML

Options for HTML Tidy for Linux/x86 released on 31 October 2006:

File manipulation
 -output <file>, -o  write output to the specified <file>                      
 -config <file>      set configuration options from the specified <file>       
 -file <file>, -f    write errors to the specified <file>                      
 -modify, -m         modify the original input files                           

Processing directives
 -indent, -i         indent element content                                    
 -wrap <column>, -w  wrap text at the specified <column>. 0 is assumed if      
 <column>            <column> is missing. When this option is omitted, the     
                     default of the configuration option "wrap" applies.       
 -upper, -u          force tags to upper case                                  
 -clean, -c          replace FONT, NOBR and CENTER tags by CSS                 
 -bare, -b           strip out smart quotes and em dashes, etc.                
 -numeric, -n        output numeric rather than named entities                 
 -errors, -e         only show errors                                          
 -quiet, -q          suppress nonessential output                              
 -omit               omit optional end tags                                    
 -xml                specify the input is well formed XML                      
 -asxml, -asxhtml    convert HTML to well formed XHTML                         
 -ashtml             force XHTML to well formed HTML                           
 -access <level>     do additional accessibility checks (<level> = 0, 1, 2, 3).
                     0 is assumed if <level> is missing.                       

Character encodings
 -raw                output values above 127 without conversion to entities    
 -ascii              use ISO-8859-1 for input, US-ASCII for output             
 -latin0             use ISO-8859-15 for input, US-ASCII for output            
 -latin1             use ISO-8859-1 for both input and output                  
 -iso2022            use ISO-2022 for both input and output                    
 -utf8               use UTF-8 for both input and output                       
 -mac                use MacRoman for input, US-ASCII for output               
 -win1252            use Windows-1252 for input, US-ASCII for output           
 -ibm858             use IBM-858 (CP850+Euro) for input, US-ASCII for output   
 -utf16le            use UTF-16LE for both input and output                    
 -utf16be            use UTF-16BE for both input and output                    
 -utf16              use UTF-16 for both input and output
 -big5               use Big5 for both input and output
 -shiftjis           use Shift_JIS for both input and output
 -language <lang>    set the two-letter language code <lang> (for future use)

 -version, -v        show the version of Tidy
 -help, -h, -?       list the command line options
 -xml-help           list the command line options in XML format
 -help-config        list all configuration options
 -xml-config         list all configuration options in XML format
 -show-config        list the current configuration settings

Use --blah blarg for any configuration option "blah" with argument "blarg"

Input/Output default to stdin/stdout respectively
Single letter options apart from -f may be combined
as in:  tidy -f errs.txt -imu foo.html
For further info on HTML see
使用tidy可以随时验证文档,在访问w3c的The W3C Markup Validation Service比较慢的时候,这就是一个比较便捷的选择了。
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?php echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'; ?>

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