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Areditors version 0.2.0 is published

Areditors version 0.2.0 is published on and can installed with workbox.

New features:

Encrypt record.

Export data to encrypted zip files.


In the futher Areditors will with features:

PWA update.

Synchronize data with Dexie Cloud or WebRTC p2p between online instances.

Image editor with kleki.

Online feed extensions.

Update PWA

Update to new version 0.2.1, PWA can update after next load. The code is simply add version record to service-worker.js:

--- a/src/service-worker.js
+++ b/src/service-worker.js
@@ -25,12 +25,17 @@ precacheAndRoute(self.__WB_MANIFEST);
 // are fulfilled with your index.html shell. Learn more at
 const fileExtensionRegexp = new RegExp('/[^/?]+\\.[^/]+$');
+const versionAreditors = '0.2.1';
   // Return false to exempt requests from being fulfilled by index.html.
   ({ request, url }) => {
     // If this isn't a navigation, skip.
     if (request.mode !== 'navigate') {
       return false;
+    } // For update PWA.
+    if (url.pathname.endsWith(versionAreditors)) {
+      return false;
     } // If this is a URL that starts with /_, skip.
     if (url.pathname.startsWith('/_')) {