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MediaWiki 1.8.2于近日发布

几天没有去关注MediaWiki,结果突然今天就发现MediaWiki已经进入版本1.8.x了,MediaWiki已于October 13, 2006发布了其版本1.8.2,主要新增加的特性如下:
== Major new features ==

* (bug 7098) Add an option to disable/enable sending of HTTP ETag headers,
as it seems to result in broken behaviour in combination with Squid 2.6
(disabled by default).
* (bug 550) Allow blocks on anonymous users only.
* (bug 6420) Render thumbnails for DJVU images, support multipage DJVU display
on image pages. Added new 'page=' thumbnail option to select a page from a
multipage djvu for thumbnail generation.
* Full Postgres support is now enabled. It requires version 8.1 or better, and
needs to have both plpgsql and tsearch2 already installed.
* (bug 6386) fix grammatical errors in danish naming of talk namespaces.

其中对Postgres的支持据称已经完全实现了,实在是一个好消息,早前MediaWiki主要是使用MySQL数据库的,其前一个稳定版本1.7.x我在SLES 10及MySQL5.0.x环境下没能顺利安装配置完成,感觉挺遗憾的。稍后我会测试一下版本1.8.x的情况如何。

This is the quarterly release snapshot for Fall 2006. While the code has been running on Wikipedia for some time, installation and upgrade bits may be less well tested. Bug fix releases may follow in the coming days or weeks.